One of the hardest tasks for a design agency to accomplish, is their own internal branding. It’s easy to get swept away with client work and neglect the interior landscape. Client facing elements such as the website, presentation templates and stationary will always take precedence over the smaller, and perhaps more important items, such as the office break-room, conference rooms, walls and ceilings. It is just as important to show our creative chops to our clients, as they walk through our space, as it is our employees. After all, we spend a majority of our time inside this office, so why not make it a place that we’d enjoy.

Step one: Decide which areas of the office need the most attention.

All ideas were considered, rationalized, roughly estimated and then decided upon. Given our budget and resources, we decided to breathe life into a couple of walls, a few pillars and our conference rooms.

Step two: Let our creative talent explore and push the boundaries of our brand.

After going through the rigorous job of measuring and photographing all the spaces, our designers were given free reign to come up with compelling graphics.

Step three: Find a common theme and execute.

The final design everyone gravitated towards, added color and movement to an otherwise static office environment. Using vinyl graphics for the walls/ceiling and frosted vinyl for the windows, Propane’s space is now becoming something we’re proud to show off.

All graphics printed and installed by: Dezign with a Z