Our Platforms

Providing a platform-thinking approach to innovation for solving customer problems.

Our Platforms

Providing a platform-thinking approach to innovation for solving customer problems.

Welcome to the future. Propane is about connecting to the best in people through digital by helping our clients figure out new ways to leverage digital to connect with their customers, partners and employees. Platforms are the next step in the digital evolution because unlike a website, application or a product, a platform will set the foundation that helps companies scale.

While we love custom solutions, we have broken our platforms into 5 categories that tend to represent common client challenges.

Sales Enablement Platforms

Immersive Sales platforms have the power to inspire your sales team to become better subject matter experts so they can actually sell more effectively. They can also create platforms that allow your customers to play in a sandbox to help your sales process close more quality leads. There is nothing better than a prospect who has convinced themselves they need to buy your product or service.

Sales Enablement with Intel

Digital Marketing Platforms

Clients often need experiences that do more than just support ecommerce, they need to educate prospects before the transaction. A brochureware website needs to connect with the heart of your customers by communicating new behavioral paradigms. Either way, we have your next digital experience covered, and we can ensure that we are setting a foundation to scale.

Marketing Experience with Kaiser Permanente

Strategic Brand Platforms

It’s critical that all brands know their brand architecture. Work out the messaging not only at the corporate level, but also at the value proposition level. Brand messaging platforms have to manifest as website messaging that will convert customers and extended to the multitude of touchpoints today’s consumers demand (web, print, trade show, out of home, display, application, etc.). By having the right brand platform as a foundation, you can effectively communicate your value proposition.

Brand Positioning with Absorb

Community Engagement Platforms

While most advertising is focused on push - sending messages out - we at Propane believe that you also need to create “pull”. Attracting, growing, and sustaining a vibrant community are effective ways to create brand gravity. Creating that intrinsic value is often a better and more sustainable solution than push campaigns that allows brands to reach their true potential and impact business.

Community Engagement with Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Operational Transformation Platforms

Today’s landscape has really made “Digital Transformation” a vague and misused term, but it's not vague to us. Digital Transformation is about using digital to find opportunities for businesses to run and operate more effectively, transforming operations. This gives them a competitive advantage from the inside and helps keep up with landscape change. There are very few digital transformation companies out there, and we happen to be one of them. This can include anything from shifting from excel files to custom SaaS software, to managing and getting usable insights from data.

Operational Transformation with Equinix Document Center