Customer Engagement
Banner Health Website
The Ask
Increase engagement, awareness and conversion

Customer Engagement

Positioning a Leader

  • Modernize Brand
  • Create Distinction
  • Increase Sales

Banner Health, a leading health network in Arizona and across the southwest, needed a new website and content strategy to better convey their level of medical excellence and brand proposition. The ask was to increase appointments for new as well as for existing patients.


  • Global Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Design
  • Modular Approach
  • Copywriting
Customer Engagement
Banner Health Website
The Challenge
Show the range and depth of care in an approachable way

The voice and tone of the the existing Banner site was steeped in cold medical jargon, and gave information on conditions but was not promoting Banner Health. Also important was to change the perception of Banner as just “big medicine” hospitals, and to promote their clinical and “every day” care. The existing site had a singular page template with limited visual interest across every service line, treating each condition in the same manner.

Customer Engagement
Banner Health Website
The Results
A warm welcome at the “front door” to Banner Health

growth in web traffic for

Propane crafted human-centered experiences and content strategy to competitively position and showcase Banner Health’s service lines. The new website also cross-promotes appropriate care options in order to educate and promote visitors to take action. All of this is executed within purpose-led page templates that deliver upon the need of the service line to start a long-term relationship with a patient, to support them, to help them quickly achieve a task, or to reaffirm Banner Health’s credentials.

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