Customer Engagement
San Francisco Symphony
The Ask
Attract new audiences while embracing existing ones

Customer Engagement

Redefining an Institution

  • Modernize Brand
  • Create Distinction
  • Increase Sales

The San Francisco Symphony is having the same issue cultural non-profits are having around the country, flagging attendance. So they came to us seeking a new website. Though the website had some usability issues and lackluster design that could be tackled immediately, it was clear the symphony needed some basic brand and positioning help before the website and any of their content could really sing.


  • New Brand Positioning
  • Researched Personas
  • Pointed Messaging
  • Audience Development Chart
  • Organizaton-Wide Content Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Modular Approach
  • Streamlined Ticket Flow
Customer Engagement
San Francisco Symphony
The Challenge
Expanding relevance while staying true to core musical offering

One of the main challenges was how to rebrand the symphony without changing or mis-representing its core offering, orchestral music. We revitalized within the brand the true purpose of a cultural institution as well as the values of San Francisco, itself. This included a repositioning of the symphony as a whole, moving it from its current treatment as a concert house to positioning as a place of musical enrichment, where concert goers would have a chance to learn more about how to enjoy orchestral music.

Customer Engagement
San Francisco Symphony
The Results
A New Vibrance and Functional Flow

The San Francisco Symphony is excited to launch our reimagined and refreshed San Francisco Symphony website. This great work by Propane simplifies the purchase path for tickets buyers, is mobile friendly, and has a contemporary, fresh feel. The design and user experience was based on Propane's apt brand strategy that truly connects with our audience.

David Chambers, CRO

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