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Increase Efficiency
DC16 Union
The Ask
Build pride and utility

Increase Efficiency

DC16, a collective of trade unions across Northern California and Nevada, wanted a new website for their members. The site needed not only to provide vital resources for their members, but also to attract new members to the finishing trades and give a comprehensive overview answering “why go union?” for potential building developers.


  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Multiple Audience Journeys
  • Resource Library
  • Responsive Design
Increase Efficiency
DC16 Union
The Challenge
Create Unity

Members within the five different trade disciplines needed to access their discrete resources while the DC16 organization needed a platform to speak to the members as a whole.

Union members are almost all fiercely proud of their local, but have little loyalty to the larger “council” group to which their local union belongs. This is a problem because this is the entity that collects their dues and negotiates on their behalf, both between the contractor and the political side. If there isn’t enough trust in the collective, dissent and unhappiness can grow.

Increase Efficiency
DC16 Union
The Results
Easy reference and a transparent organization

DC16’s site, including all the resources are now easily navigable and wholly responsive for easy job site reference. Members also have a whole section on where their dues go and the efforts that DC16 undertakes on their behalf. In order to boost pride and a sense of team, Propane devised a strategy that would bridge journeyworkers’ pride in their craft with pride in being part of the DC16 team. Propane was also able to keep the themes of “high performance, high value” throughout all pages so outsider audiences experience the messages of the quality of union work as they navigate to dedicated sections.

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