Take a holistic approach to digital design

Regardless of size or industry, digital technology impacts business at every level. That’s why we dissect your problems in totality, examining each factor that impacts your success.

You have organization-wide challenges. We have proven recipes for success.

Become obsessed

Not in a weird way. But in a good way, where we learn every little thing about your business. This way, you get more from your investment; more strategic thinking, more creative problem solving, and more positive impact.

Scope everything

Early on, we estimate what we’ll do and what we’ll spend. Working together, we’ll find creative ways to bridge your team, audience, and business needs.

Bring to life

This is where the magic happens. We’ll start to manifest those theoretical discussions, and we’ll design, develop, and maintain beautiful creative solutions that work. It’s the end-to-end solution you’ve been missing.

We’re in this together

Design Sprints

Innovation can be hard to address when teams are busy with current work streams. Strategic leads need to keep a continuous effort in exploring ideas and concepts. Often times doing this with a highly skilled team like Propane is the answer. Our team is comprised of veteran practice leads across strategy, user experience, creative, and technology. This results in a hyper fast ramp up time. We host workshops that not only activate your internal teams to think and co-create ideas, but give your culture the chance to get inspired about what's possible! The next stage is to quickly test and validate your ideas, of which we can do quickly with our rapid concept development and prototyping expertise. Allowing you to make data informed business cases back to leadership and abroad.

  • Design sprints to innovate new product ideas
  • Grounded in Human Centered design principles
  • Validation through Micro Prototyping
  • Business Case development to help with funding
  • Vision Decks in story, video, and or interactive formats

Consulting Services

Our digital consulting services exist to evolve businesses just like yours. These workshop-driven services help you develop a powerful vision that’s beautiful and effective. You’ll leave with key vision presentations that include clear opportunities and roadmaps. These can be shared and discussed throughout your organization, allowing you to build support and maintain momentum for your brand, inside and out.

Additional benefits include:

  • Product and business model innovation
  • Capacity and workflow assessments
  • Customer experience consulting
  • Staff consensus-building
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Brand vision and goal-setting

Team Integration

Companies ramp up and down to meet demand, aiming to avoid the cost (and liability) of full-time employees. More than ever, there’s a bigger push for cost-reduction and operational efficiency made possible by technological innovation. Naturally, the number of digital projects is on the rise, and your success can rely on completing those projects on time, on budget, and to specification. Trying to handle those tasks in-house can be costly and risky, especially given the ever-changing digital landscape. But at Propane, we’re able to vet and solve all of your digital and technical needs including:

  • Internal process integration
  • Team and resource consulting
  • Specialist expertise
  • Acquired skills cost reduction
  • Aggressive timeline completion

Full Service

The future calls for ideas that combine creative technology with powerful storytelling. This is what motivates consumers and leads to effective brand engagement.

We’ll use a multidisciplinary approach to solve today’s problems with an eye toward the future. Our creatives, strategists, technologists, and designers operate in unison, using their complementary skills to build campaigns and spark engagement.

In addition, we’ll work alongside you to create, distribute, measure, and optimize everything we make. The result? Relevant, seamless, and memorable experiences that drive engagement, build brand love, and bump up your bottom line.

Capabilities include:

  • End-to-end strategy, design, and development for marketing, operations, sales, and customer experience
  • Digital products to conquer more customer touchpoints
  • Design and development for web, mobile, video, product, social, and on-site installations
  • Transformation solutions for all types of businesses
  • Project management solutions including Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid
  • Third party integration and technical solutions for marketing automation, CRMs, and CMSs

Digital Ops

Companies are often burdened with incomplete projects because they don’t have the staff and skills to tackle cumbersome digital challenges. If that’s you, it’s costing your company. With Propane, you can pull those projects off the shelf and back to reality, or simply let us provide the missing expertise. Bring projects big or small, and we’ll scale the proper fit, always with a department director leading the charge.

To stay competitive, you have to outrun the digital landscape. Our Digital Special Ops can help you do just that. Here are some of the ways:

  • Work smarter and limit internal disruption with our nimble teams
  • Plan your project and product roadmapping
  • Receive strategic project assessment and prioritization

Great outcomes come from solving problems holistically

With our balance of business, psychology, and design expertise, that is precisely what we strive for.

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Meet your complete solution

Our platform approach can solve all of your problems—big or small.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Messaging/Narrative
  • Naming
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Market Research and Sizing
  • Logo and Visual Identity Design
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Design Thinking
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  • Websites and Ecommerce Experiences
  • Product Strategy
  • Product & Application Design
  • Design Workshops
  • Product Demos & UX Prototyping
  • Service Design and Strategy
  • User Research & Testing
  • Content Strategy
  • Design Systems
  • Community Marketplaces
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  • Marketing Strategy & Campaign Planning
  • Consumer Target Definition and Segmentation
  • Campaign Creative
  • Media/Digital Planning, Buying and Optimization
  • Editorial Calendars, Distribution Plans
  • Content, Social and Influencer Marketing
  • Video/Film/Motion Content
  • Content Creation
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  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Omni-Channel and Multi-Channel Analytics
  • Unified Analytics Ecosystem; (Site, Marketing, Social, Sales Customer and Transaction Data)
  • Marketing Automation and CRM Integration
  • Attribution Analysis
  • ROI and ROAS analysis
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  • Platform & Transformation Roadmaps
  • Technical & CMS Consulting & Workflow Optimization
  • CRM and Marketing Automation Recommendation and Implementation
  • Custom Business Tools
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • Intranets & Internal Platforms
  • Data Centralization
  • Internal Sales Enablement
  • Digital Sales Playbooks
  • Sales Configurators and Visualizers
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