Build Loyalty

Community & Retention

When you give brand loyalists a place to play, they provide valuable insights and ideas.

Take care of your people

Most advertising is focused on the “push.” But at Propane, we’re more interested in the “pull.” You can’t just push out one-way messages blindly. You must attract, grow, and sustain your community. That’s what creates intrinsic value for your brand. And that’s exactly what a community marketing platform does.

To engage communities, it’s important to identify roles and empower members in the right ways. With this model, communities create valuable solutions for your brand organically. Brands like Apple and Harley Davidson aren’t the only ones with a lock on communities. When done right, community platform data can propel brands into industry leaders.

Habit Formation

Improving Aging Communities

We helped PAMF improve the quality of life for older adults and caregivers by making their platform easier to use for all ages.
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26% fewer office visits for seniors

Building Community Awareness

We designed a platform that educated and encouraged riders to ride together and will continue to generate ideas over time.
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We could use this on all the rides we plan for the year. I also like the fact that it shows us …

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