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Propane can build you a digital roadmap for creating an integrated Digital Business Engine that will better serve your needs and those of your customers. After two decades of experience and infinite interviews with executives, we realized a company’s digital needs fall into five key areas. And we’ve made it our mission to help you understand and integrate them all holistically.

Digital Business Engine Platform

Sales Enablement

  • Custom Product Demos
  • Sales Support Applications
  • Creative Training & Motivation
  • Insights & Analytics
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Customer Engagement

  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Website Design & Development
  • Product Design & Development
  • Campaign Creation
  • User Testing & Analytics
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Brand Relevance

  • Brand Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Brand Workshops
  • Content & Copy
  • Identity & Collateral
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Community & Retention

  • Innovating Community Platforms
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Product & Service Design
  • Community Marketing Automation
  • Customer Experience Strategy
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Digital Transformation

  • Custom Business Tools
  • Complex System Integrations
  • Creative Workflow & Governance
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Holistic platform thinking

Meet today’s goals without having to rebuild from scratch tomorrow.

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