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Music Driven by Data

Increase Efficiency
Volkswagen (Sound Journey)
The Ask
Create a Car-Connected Android App

Increase Efficiency

Volkswagen asked us to create an Android app that connects a driver’s phone to the VW infotainment systems. The end result? A sweet soundtrack that adapts to the driver’s driving style. VW brought us on to help design an experience that worked seamlessly on both ends. The goal was for drivers and passengers to record, produce, and share music from inside the car. In addition, they could earn badges for completing fun challenges. It was a brand new way for drivers and friends to cruise along to music.

Music Changes with:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Steering Wheel Angle
Increase Efficiency
Volkswagen (Sound Journey)
The Challenge
Create an Awesome Visual System and Experience

The music changes in multiple ways according to data pulled from the car. For the app itself, we created the entire visual system, including gorgeous typography, iconography, and slick background animations. And one more thing: we also gave users the option to record and share 30-second tracks on SoundCloud.

Increase Efficiency
Volkswagen (Sound Journey)
The Results
10,000+ Downloads

app downloads from the Google Play store

The app was lauded by both drivers and passengers. The technology was also featured in a Bjork retrospective at New York’s MoMA where her songs responded to the movement of museum visitors.

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