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Creating a Game Plan for Disruption

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Telltale Games
In 2014, Telltale Games was recognized by Metacritic as the #1 content publisher and named “Most Innovative Company” by Fast Company. They had a great reputation as a publisher of casual content but their brand was not taken seriously as a leading entertainment brand. TellTale saw an opportunity to disrupt the industry, so they approached us to create a new brand including a kickass website redesign with upgraded UX.


When Telltale released a new game, it was instantly snatched up by hard-core fans of the franchise. But their growth was limited by the hybrid nature of their products which were neither games nor TV shows but rather hybrids of both. To expand market share, they shifted their brand’s focus to killer storytelling fueled by incredible artwork and groundbreaking animation.


We took our research beyond the gaming industry to examine how leading entertainment brands like HBO and Netflix were positioning their content. Instead of simply filtering by interest, they showcased popular shows at the top of their websites. We incorporated that concept into Telltale’s new site while also creating a template layout that allowed for video interviews, blog posts and game updates to motivate users to keep coming back.


The new Telltale site launched in the summer of 2016, just in time for their release a new Batman game. The new site works beautifully on mobile devices and the new branding has helped transformed this once small gaming company into a premiere entertainment brand.

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