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Digital Realty engaged Propane to facilitate a global series of design sprints, culminating in team presentations of the best work to executive leadership.

The goals were to accelerate internal innovation and to build deeper connections among diverse and far-flung teams across the globe. Over two months, Propane led 30 design sprint workshops across 5 teams. The winning ideas were presented to Digital Realty’s executive leadership team for potential sponsorship.


  • Global Innovation Workshop Design and Moderation
  • UX/Experience Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Executive Leadership Team Presentations
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Digital Realty
The Challenge
Conducting virtual innovation workshops globally

Propane developed custom sprint templates in Figma and facilitated the sprints using well-honed facilitation techniques and a good sense of humor. We kept teams on schedule and the groups cohesive and flowing. Beyond this, we co-created innovation narratives, using our visual thinking and design chops to translate concepts into concrete, actionable stories. We developed supporting wireframes and business requirements, as well as 2d and 3d visualizations.

For each global team, we set up multiple sessions to ensure an ongoing collaborative and co-creative atmosphere, and even coached them on presenting innovation to executives. Each team produced a unique, leadership-ready presentation that incorporated team members’ creative flair while grounding it in pitch narrative dynamics.

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Digital Realty
The Results
A proud executive leadership team

The 5-member executive leadership team was not only entertained with the team's creativity and passion, but also impressed with the ideas and visualization of each idea.

All ideas sparked animated conversations about the feasibility, viability and desirability of each concept. Each team was scored and winners were awarded, but more importantly new relationships were forged and market- and brand-enhancing ideas were added to the corporate roadmap

I was amazed by the innovative ideas that came from this exercise as the teams were not used to doing workshops like this. This is a testament to how great the leadership of DR is, giving their teams the chance to create products for the business.

Joe Ickes - Director of User Experience

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