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Using Digital to Keep up with Growth

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The Ask
Bring Equinix to the Front of Customers’ Minds

Drive Conversion

Equinix, a global data warehouse leader, selected Propane to create opportunities to keep up with growth. If companies want to take on digital transformation, they need a plan and a partner. Given their Interconnected Oriented Architecture, Equinix was exactly that. Essentially, the company is a how-to guide for digital data transformation.


  • Digital Style Guide
  • Customer Portal Strategy
  • Product Concept
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Creative
  • Working Prototype in ReactJS
Drive Conversion
Equinix Workbench
The Challenge
Create a Tool IT Customers Actually Enjoy

Our challenge was teaching global architects how the offering works, especially considering the varied locales of global data centers. Drawing inspiration from Farmville, Sim City, and similarly complex virtual building games, we created an environment that gave architects something to enjoy. Our tool took them away from mundane flowcharts and into the gaming world. Equinix’s global sales architects began using the tool to design workshops, which created far better engagement with both them and new prospects.

Drive Conversion
Equinix Workbench
The Results
Sales Opportunities Quadrupled

more sales opportunities

The tool created additional touchpoints with potential customers during a long sales cycle. The sales team uses the tool in workshops with clients, HR uses it to onboard employees, and others use it to assist project scoping during the buyer journey.

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