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Sentropy Video
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Engage customers and talent with video content

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Sentropy, a new abuse detection platform needed a video to concisely and cleanly deliver its value props of advanced AI, deeper contextual abuse results and it’s continued study of the evolution of abuse on the internet. This mission of making the internet a safer place for everyone, also needed to translate to a video for recruiting the best in machine learning and other technology talent.


  • Brand Strategy Personality & Pillars
  • Expanded Brand Identity
  • Treatment, Script and Storyboards
  • 3D Animation
  • Video Production and Post Production
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Sentropy Video
The Challenge
Simplifying advanced technology and finding the soul in AI

While Sentropy’s product is inherently advanced, highly sophisticated technology, Propane needed to simplify its value for a non-technical audience. We needed to find the desired outcome for the trust and safety team buyers and make sure we were speaking the language of our audience.

Similarly, we needed to understand our talent audience for the culture video and Propane needed to find a way to differentiate working at Sentropy from the myriad of other technology firms seeking top tier machine learning engineers, developers and more. We also needed to find a way to capture the spirit and culture of Sentropy, a company with great camaraderie, during a pandemic where none of the team could be in the same room with each other.

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Sentropy Video
The Results
Multi-use video content

In the end, Sentropy had two videos that were able to be used in various channels. Propane was able to find a compelling throughline for the product video, showcasing Sentropy’s advanced intelligence through the shared experience of being abused online. We took those human, vulnerable moments that we have all experienced or witnessed and positioned Sentropy as the best way to protect any users on a digital platform from the abusive comments of other users.

For the culture video, we focused on the mission of Sentropy and how it unites every employee, across every discipline, allowing technical and non-technical roles alike to share a common goal and ideal. This idealism is the main differentiator of Sentropy as a workplace, and is the backdrop against which we illustrate the working styles and benefits of working at Setnropy using interview accounts of various employees. Propane found a budget minded approach in using zoom and proper lighting and audio capture to make the remote culture shine.

They were really fun and great to work with — everyone from their team had such a positive attitude about everything.

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