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Create Distinction
Intel TrueKey
The Ask
Create Video for New Security Product

Create Distinction

Managing passwords is a pain. Thankfully, Intel Security launched TrueKey, a tool that makes password storage safe and easy. They approached us needing a video to introduce it. And that video needed to resonate with millennials, convincing them to download, use, and buy TrueKey.


  • Concepts
  • Storyboards
  • Voice-Over Script
  • Live Action Shoot
  • Global Translations
Create Distinction
Intel TrueKey
The Challenge
Demonstrate TrueKey’s Value

Our scriptwriters brainstormed and crafted a story that showed how TrueKey works—seamlessly in the background, as you open and close apps or websites. As our lead, we casted a young and approachable woman who resonated with the audience. And we set the video in an AirBnB loft, which was both stylish and on budget.

Create Distinction
Intel TrueKey
The Results
Global Product Launch

languages in over 40 countries

Our U.S.video was so well-received that it was translated into 26 languages. Additionally, it was featured on Intel’s website and YouTube channel in over 40 countries.

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