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Intel TrueKey
Managing passwords can be a major pain in the app. Scribbling passwords on Post-Its just doesn’t cut it anymore. So Intel Security launched TrueKey, a tool that makes it easy to safely store and access passwords. Intel needed a video that would resonate with millennials and motivate them to download, use, and buy TrueKey.


The password manager market is crowded with options that are mostly free. Our job was to show that TrueKey is trustworthy, easy-to-use, and worth the money. Most importantly, we had to show achieve this in a simple and compelling way.  


Our script writers crafted a story that showed how TrueKey seamlessly works in the background while you open and close apps and websites. As the star of the show, we cast a young and approachable woman who resonated with our millennial audience. The setting of the video was an Airbnb loft, which was very stylish (oh, and by the way, super affordable to rent.)


Intel Security has showcased the TrueKey video on their homepage for over a year, and translated it into multiple languages. This proves that a great creative production has global appeal and a sustainable ROI. As an added bonus, it’s a lot of fun to make.

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