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ServiceMax’s cloud-based software makes it easy for field service technicians to remotely manage contracts, scheduling, parts orders and more. They came to us with an underdog challenge that we couldn’t resist. ServiceMax needed strategic brand messaging and a site experience that would position them as an industry leader along giants like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce. Our goal was to use this new brand strategy to craft the content and design of a brand new website and style guide.


How do you take on B2B giants with massive customer databases and famous brand names? You outsmart them.


Propane uncovered a massive opportunity that the competition had overlooked. Surprisingly, none of the giant competitors were using emotion in their messaging. We found this incredible, because emotional storytelling in B2B is proven to drive 30% more probability to purchase. We applied our Propane storytelling approach to ServiceMax’s messaging and value-based content strategy. Then, we redesigned their branding to give them a fresh and credible look that positions them as more approachable and friendly than their bland competitors.


The new website was launched on time and on budget and ServiceMax experienced a 10% increase in leads, downloads and webinar attendance. Leadership was very happy with the results and credited the improved brand messaging and emotional storytelling approach.

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