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Thinfilm Electronics
Thinfilm needed not only a brand overhaul and a new web presence, but to redefine their business offering, driving awareness and demand simultaneously. Founded in 2005, the company had patents for engineering an extremely thin NFC tag. Embedded in packaging or within products themselves, this technology allows you to launch a digital experience with the tap of a smartphone, making any product a smart product.


For the first time in their history, Thinfilm planned to woo CPG marketers and agency creatives by demonstrating how their NFC tag drives deeper engagements with customers—with the tap of a smartphone.


A new brand identity with rich visual storytelling was implemented across all company collateral. Our strategy team helped target brand marketers by creating user scenarios and use cases across a wide range of industries that clearly illustrated the consumer experience of a Thinfilm-powered campaign.


Thinfilm is one of the most stunningly creative B2B websites we’ve launched. They are well positioned to help brand marketers create this new behavior paradigm that will become a standard for how we engage with products pre- and post-purchase.  

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