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Blurb is the world’s first platform for creating, printing and self-publishing indie books. They approached us to redesign their site experience with three goals mind: deliver a simpler user experience, drive sales, and increase engagement with their creative community.


Blurb has various audience segments of casual and pro creatives. During our research, it became clear that site visitors needed inspiration and motivation to complete the self-publishing process.


The Blurb community is incredibly talented and diverse. Our aim was to provide a curation platform that showed their premium work in the best possible light. We created both a stunning blog and an engaging homepage experience with emotionally-driven stories and beautiful, full-bleed photography. Ultimately, we illustrated how Blurb is bringing humanity to publishing.


The site showed improved brand engagement almost immediately with the average time spent on the award-winning blog increasing 8% and page views spiking 13%. The experiences we created continue to inspire and empower the Blurb community.

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