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Create Distinction
Intel Best Buy
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Teach Sales Teams to Sell Sub-Brand

Create Distinction

If you’ve ever been to a big box retail store, you know the floor room staff doesn’t always have the answer you’re looking for. Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, knows this, too. For them, employee education is a huge hurdle when it comes to computer sales. Employee product orientations can have short-term impact, but you need to instill learning and understanding over the long haul.


  • Immersive Liquid Layout
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Gamified Scoring System
  • Google Earth Performance Analytics
  • Dynamic Vehicle Wraps
Create Distinction
Intel Best Buy
The Challenge
Educate and Motivate Sales Teams

Employee learning and understanding is about creating a culture that sparks employees’ curiosity and motivates them to learn about products autonomously. That way, they can make quality recommendations to customers, and customers go home happy. We armed Best Buy managers and Intel representatives with a real-time reporting tool that maps sales figures and employee education progress and performance.

Create Distinction
Intel Best Buy
The Results
22% Increase in Sales

sales increase in Best Buys nationally

Our learning modules increased employee comprehension of Intel products and positively impacted sales.

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