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Artichokes Go Digital

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Ocean Mist
The Ask
Redesign a Website for Farm-Fresh Artichokes

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Ocean Mist is the largest grower of fresh artichokes in North America. They asked us to create a new website that appealed to modern, digital-savvy buyers who sought new food content.


  • Artichokes Featured as Hero Product
  • 30+ Other Vegetables Showcased
  • Recipe Engine with 400+ Recipes
  • Loyalty “Artichoke Club”
  • Robust Blog
  • WordPress Development
  • CMS Training and Documentation
Generate Interest
Ocean Mist
The Challenge
Modernize a Legacy Agriculture Brand

We created one site featuring the Ocean Mist brand story and full product line. Then we made a second dedicated to the amazing artichoke, filled with beautiful photography and fresh recipes. Visitors could rate recipes, submit their own, or “ask the chef” for advice.

Generate Interest
Ocean Mist
The Results
Increase in Unique Visitors

unique visitors in the first three months

The website attracted 75,000 unique visitors in just three months; the Artichoke Club has almost 40,000 members; and the brand is stronger than ever.

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