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Speeding up Car Dealer Insights

Increase Efficiency
VW Dealership
The Ask
Move Cars that Aren’t Moving

Increase Efficiency

We had to meet the challenge of moving unsold cars. These were cars that had sat on lots and collected dust for extended periods. Chances are, they had a hard time selling due to regional tastes.


  • Dealership dashboard
  • Regional trends
  • Historical sales
  • Available inventory
Increase Efficiency
VW Dealership
The Challenge
Move and Track Inventory

Smart Dealer Management Systems need to predict ideal inventories of cars received from factories and compile smarter national distribution plans. The platform takes additional factors into account, including regional trends, historical sales, and available inventory from the Volkswagen Chattanooga Factory.

Increase Efficiency
VW Dealership
The Results
Increased Sales

national average improvement in dealership sales due to Smart DMS deployment

We hypothesized that the Smart Dealer Management System would improve sales because it can place the right models in the right places at the right times.

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