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Building Community Awareness

Build Loyalty
Premium Motorcycles
The Ask
Create U.S. Awareness for an Italian Motorcycle Brand

Build Loyalty

A premium, Italian motorcycle brand was looking to ramp up its U.S. sales. Propane was asked to promote awareness using digital means. So we dug deep into audience research and discovered 50% of U.S. motorcyclists ride Harley Davidson. The other half is predominantly split between the Japanese brands: Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. (The European market share is almost nonexistent.)


  • Mobile-Enabled Performance Data
  • User Generated Content
  • Product Discovery
  • Dealer Sales Enablement
  • Audience Segmentation and Profile Builders
Build Loyalty
Premium Motorcycles
The Challenge
Establish Value in Community Platforms

A conventional digital campaign could have worked in the short-term. But to really solve the problem and start building an audience, we decided a long-term investment in community was the smarter play. We envisioned a platform that educated and encouraged riders to ride together. That’s a brand experience that will generate ideas over time.

Build Loyalty
Premium Motorcycles
The Results
An Engaged Community of Riders

We could use this on all the rides we plan for the year. I also like the fact that it shows us riding performance bikes on my phone.

Dyane Smallen, experienced motorcyclist

The platform provides a digital hub for gathering insights and spreading awareness throughout the U.S. market.

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