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Product Design to Unleash the Mind: Introducing Gyan AI

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The Ask
Simplifying the complex in enterprise product design

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Gyan’s pioneering AI research engine uses a compositional language model which attempts to understand language the way humans do. Unlike ChatGPT, their AI is the world’s first explainable language model that is without bias and fully traceable. Our task was to design the product’s user interface and develop the website and messaging for their enterprise v1.0 launch.


  • Enterprise Digital Product Design
  • Enterprise Information Architecture
  • Digital Brand Refresh
  • Messaging and Content Strategy
  • UX/Experience Design
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The Challenge
Enhancing legibility and comprehension in complex information design

Propane created a modular visual application structure to accommodate deep nesting and branching of information. Our key concerns were to avoid overwhelm and visual clutter, and to maximize the legibility and comprehensibility of the results screens.

We emphasized the clarity and lucidity of their solution with a grid-based, clean look and feel. Because of the density of information, we used color theory and typography extensively to order the visual landscape and increase ease of comprehension of the data presented.

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The Results
Full product refresh, designed and built to unlock value

Gyan’s AI deep research engine launched successfully. We leveraged multiple interface design patterns to bring the visualization experience to life, developing both tree-based and mind mapping hub and spoke models to power the research outputs. We also deeply embedded the brand into the application and included persuasive design to encourage exploration and utilization.

We’re keeping our eyes on Gyan AI.

Propane did an outstanding job designing the UX/UI of the Gyan application. Their firm is extremely professional and talented, and a pleasure to work with.

-Joy Dasgupta, CEO of Gyan

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