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SaaS Platform to Accelerate Student Careers

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Northeastern University
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Mobile SaaS Platform Connecting Students and Future Employers

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Northeastern University wanted to create a mobile SaaS platform that would help students steer their educational path to accelerate future career opportunities. By managing which courses to take over their four-year journey, students are able to build relevant skills to improve chances of being hired by select partner employers that are also on the platform.


  • SaaS platform for Northeastern, students and potential employers
  • Mobile Product Design
  • Responsive Website
  • Brand and Messaging
  • Custom Photoshoot
  • B2B Sales Collateral
  • Student Marketing Campaigns
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Northeastern University
The Challenge
Employer–Student Platform with Gamification and Guidance

The digital experience guided students through courses where they could develop the specific skills needed by employers, and the employers seeking skilled students, within one platform. Propane had to find the right balance between ease of use and simplicity, while still offering extremely detailed content for both students and potential employers.

We developed an extensive content model for courses, prerequisites, relevancy scores to workforce skills and roles, and a time factor (near-term, long-term). For example, a student could ask the platform which courses to take to become a specific kind of developer, or to plot a path of courses to take if they were interested in being a CTO.

We also gamified student course completion by creating rewards systems for actions taken.

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Northeastern University
The Results
Fun, Relevant Career Counseling for Students

We designed an extensive application spanning 50+ mobile screens. The experience included a multi-year workflow for students as they developed their skillsets, and a robust employer dashboard.

We created a sophisticated but approachable brand aesthetic for Northeastern’s platform. Our teams collaborated extensively with administration teams to serve their student body and their employer partnerships. We also created messaging, student marketing campaigns, and B2B sales collateral for the launch.

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