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The David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation at PAMF challenged us to enhance its TimeBank community. TimeBank strengthens social connections to reduce loneliness and improve quality of older adults and their caregivers. We redesigned the interface, simplified the UX and added helpful features.


Imagine mashing up the key features of Facebook, Craigslist, NextDoor and TaskRabbit. Each site’s functionality is straightforward but combining them all into a single community while making it easy for older adults to use was a big hurdle. Adding to the challenge, we needed to build a scalable app that could launch nationwide with minimal disruption to the existing Palo Alto pilot project.


We made it easy for members to offer and receive help, learn new skills and share hobbies and interests. By using the site, older adults and caregivers can form lasting connections and a stronger community.


Members have given the new platform rave reviews, saying that it’s easy-to-use and navigate. We continue to support the community and add new features on a monthly basis. 

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