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Improving Aging Communities

Build Loyalty
PAMF linkAges
The Ask
Engage an Older Audience

Build Loyalty

The David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation exists to improve quality of life for older adults and caregivers. We helped them further that mission by making their online timebanking platform easier to use. We redesigned the interface, simplified the UX, and added helpful features.


  • “Time Banking” Engine
  • Request and Offer Services
  • Events Planning and Sharing
  • Invitation Incentives
  • Searchable Resources
  • Permissions-Based Users & Groups
  • In-App Messaging System
Build Loyalty
PAMF linkAges
The Challenge
Build a Scalable and Self-Regulating Application

Imagine mixing key features from Facebook, Craigslist, NextDoor, and TaskRabbit. Each site’s functionality is relatively straightforward. But combining them into a single community (while making it easier for seniors to use) was a big challenge. We made it simple for members to receive and offer help, learn new skills, and share interests. Using the site, seniors and caregivers could build lasting connections and a stronger community.

Build Loyalty
PAMF linkAges
The Results
Healthier, Happier Seniors

fewer office visits for linkAges community seniors

Members have given positive reviews, noting the site is engaging and easy to navigate for users of all ages. Seniors in the community are reporting less loneliness and fewer visits to the doctor.

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