Product & Service Design

Product & Service Design

The key to retention is to make your users and customers feel valued and to make them feel very consciously that they are receiving something of value from you. This is the source of loyalty and beginning of understanding what can make a product or service, “sticky.” Good product and service design is the way to respect your customers.

Our practice always starts with a human-centered design focus where we understand the core needs and pain points of your customers across their experience. We answer the question, “are we delivering what the user truly desires?” not just cool or delightful features. We also make sure we understand the viability to your company, and ensure the business model is executed in an effective and efficient manner. Finally there is the concept feasibility that we take into account. What resources are required to make any solution work? This can come from assessing a budget or technical capabilities/integrations over time. This can also include employee workflow assessment and orchestrating employee buy-in.

Case Studies

Using Digital to Keep up with Growth

Equinix, a global data warehouse leader, selected Propane to create opportunities to keep up with growth.
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4x more sales opportunities

Speeding up Car Dealer Insights

Smart Dealer Management Systems predict ideal inventories of cars received from factories and compile smarter national distribution plans.
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10% average improvement in dealership sales

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