Customer Engagement

Build consistent touchpoints that work in harmony

Good buyer journeys are filled with relevant content across all channels, devices, and locations. We’ll help you build journeys that stay consistent, generate interest, and instigate action.

Motivate your audience every step of the way

We build experiences that go beyond basic value prop copy and images. Using a psychology-based approach to platform design, we create experiences that engage, educate, and convert.

The problem is that organizations often have silos running different parts of the customer journey. But at Propane, we connect each department and create roadmaps and platforms that provide consistent experiences to the right target at the right time. This provides a competitive advantage across the board.

Customer Engagement Services

  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Website Design & Development
  • Product Design & Development
  • Media Strategy & Launch Plans
  • Campaign Creation
  • User Testing & Analytics
  • Smart Marketing Automation

Human-Centered Design

Striking a Healthy Balance

Sutter Health’s new 500+ page website meets the needs of 21 use cases and unifies previously disparate web properties under a single-branded umbrella.
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500+ pages for 4 foundations and 24 hospitals

A Cure for Health Care Confusion

Kaiser Permanente asked us to create an online shopping experience featuring their new ACA plans.
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200K applications processed per year

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