Go-to-Market Strategy & Media Planning

Go-to-Market Strategy & Media Planning

While Propane does not offer media buying or programmatic desk services, we do provide strategic insight and can develop go-to market plans, identifying how a brand or product should launch, and what channels, messages, and experiences will be compelling for audiences at key touch points along the buyer journey. This strategic work is critical to shaping your investment strategy in media and takes into account your entire media ecosystem, allowing you to attract and nurture customers where they are.

Case Studies

The Beauty of Engaging Content

Our task was to create digital marketing campaigns for both the AlphaFit and SmartProfile devices and find a way to position both of them.
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15M brushes sold over lifetime

Lift Product Sales Through Experience Design

We marketed a new medical product to patients with a skin condition by building a messaging structure, website, and digital ad campaign tailored to patient needs.
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