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With 10+ million products and 40+ patents, Clarisonic is the #1 skincare device recommended by U.S. dermatologists. However, the brand faced challenges as they pushed to take over the global marketplace. Our task was to create digital marketing campaigns for both the AlphaFit and SmartProfile devices and find a way to position both of them.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Messaging Framework
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Marketing Playbook
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The Challenge
Reposition A Well-Known Brand

After extensive research, we took Clarisonic’s marketing focus beyond just product features and benefits. Instead, we evolved the brand by making emotional connections with consumers. To expand globally and stay consistent in each market, we provided a digital playbook of best practices. And, using key customer insights, we built creative campaigns that had just the right touch.

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The Results
Clarisonic Results

brushes sold over lifetime

Our strategic and creative efforts helped increase brand awareness and sales. And our digital marketing playbook was used in four regions around the world.

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