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Woo your audience at each stage of the conversation funnel to drive conversion. Empower your sales team with the tools to make it happen.

It’s not about your story, it’s how you tell it.

Sales platforms are powerful, storytelling engines. They resonate with customers, leading to better brand affinity and more conversions.

These platforms also can turn the members of your sales team into subject matter experts. Plus, these platforms can reward your employees by making lead-hunting fun again. That’s where CRMs fall short. If you combine learning management systems (for training) with rewards systems (for incentivizing), you create a platform that motivates internally. In addition, tools like ROI calculators, profile builders, solution designers, and conversation guides can improve prospect engagement and client workshops.


Using Digital to Keep up with Growth

Equinix, a global data warehouse leader, selected Propane to create opportunities to keep up with growth.
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4x more sales opportunities

Trained to Sell

Employee education is a huge hurdle when it comes to computer sales with embedded products such as Intel processors. Propane’s learning solution increased employee comprehension and sales of Intel products.
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22% sales increase in Best Buys nationally

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