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Modernizing a Modern Home Design Experience

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Plant Prefab Configurator
The Ask
Create a modern luxury personalized experience while producing higher marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

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Plant Prefab, a modern architecture home construction company, not only changed the landscape in sustainable prefabricated homes but also secured the endorsement of Jeff Bezos. They are known for their high design standards and partnerships with award-winning architects. The website needed to allow consumers to discover and explore the beauty and quality of these modular homes.

Propane set out to create their first product configurator, an engaging 3D home customizer.


  • Propane managed 5 teams collaborating across the globe
  • Configurator was featured in Forbes Magazine
  • Solution was developed in partnership with Contentful CMS
  • Stands as the companies first inventory management system
  • Experience is scalable and produces records of all visitors and configurations that are accessible to company.
  • Configurator Branded Website Redesign
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Plant Prefab Configurator
The Challenge
Building an exceptional experience without a prior foundation

Building a 3D home configurator had several interconnected challenges. There was no product catalog defined digitally or accessible from an inventory system. Also, the product configurator had to calculate square inch material costs which gave Propane the opportunity to lay the foundation for future e-commerce ability. Next, this 3D solution had to make use of their 3D model files which needed reprocessing, which allowed Propane to flex its workflow definition and mapping expertise.

Propane was able to use its R&D capabilities to build a prototype, as there was no turnkey solution for constructing 3D homes while allowing you to change material options that tied to a database for future updating. The solution had to prequalify leads in order to help the sales team make the most of its resources. Lastly, the solution had to be updatable from a material standpoint in the CMS.

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Plant Prefab Configurator
The Results
Personalization to increase lead quality

increase in return visits

To make this all possible Propane designed and architected the database from the ground up and facilitated the completion of the entire product catalog and options into the CMS. This allowed the 3D Models to pull dynamic data and calculate material costs on the fly.

The end result is a beautiful experience that aids in discovery, connects sales teams with customer’s personalized preferences, and positions Plant Prefab as design minded and technologically forward.

Propane delivered an exceptional experience for the 3D configurator we integrate into our Marketplace, allowing users to explore our LivingHome designs with finishes, fixtures, appliances and Smart Home technology in an interactive, immersive environment. It’s super cool and really makes the design process more efficient.

Steve Glenn. CEO Plant Prefab

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