Sales Performance Metrics

Sales Performance Metrics

Sales Enablement is not just about providing tools mentioned on this site, but also making data informed decisions. To do that, a certain technical and data presentation level of skill is needed to be able to create dashboards that present the data in contextually relevant formats. This allows the sales managers or business leaders to form insights that they can take action against. Imagine if you could tell just where in the sales conversation, your reps could use a little more support, training, or tools.

For Palo Alto Medical foundation Propane was able to report back all the user behaviors which give the management teams insight into where they needed to improve the platforms. In short, platforms should always have a way of supporting evolution and growth. In the same way sales teams should always have a mechanism to report back progress at each stage so that clients can make the necessary tweaks for improvement.

Case Studies

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We helped PAMF improve the quality of life for older adults and caregivers by making their platform easier to use for all ages.
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26% fewer office visits for seniors

Outsmarting B2B Goliaths

ServiceMax came to us for strategic brand messaging and a website experience that would position them as an industry leader.
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10% Increase in Lead Quality

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