Creative Training & Motivation

Creative Training & Motivation

Oftentimes executives are faced with challenges in training their current sales teams to be able to articulate value. These training solutions can often be closely associated with Learning management systems. But typical LMS fall short because they don't have the ability to drive motivation in the context of the audience. This is where Propane has shined in regards to really captivating the trainee, and also motivating them to come back for more. See our intel sales solution for Best Buy employees here.

Case Studies

Trained to Sell

Employee education is a huge hurdle when it comes to computer sales with embedded products such as Intel processors. Propane’s learning solution increased employee comprehension and sales of Intel products.
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22% sales increase in Best Buys nationally

Operational Platform Transformation

Our integrated Training Management Platform will automate processes, share data between systems, and reduce errors and overhead.
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The challenge for Intuitive Surgical is to transform from fragmented, manual processes to a …

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