Innovating Community Platforms

Innovating Community Platforms

Beyond your products and services, your brand holds the capacity for an organic community to assemble around the platform of your brand values. Propane helps you go far beyond user forums and social media and identifies the values that will draw a community while aligning your brand with the core purpose of your product. After this is identified, Propane designs an entire digital experience to grow and foster this community. This is not standard marketing, nor is this only for your existing customers. This is creating additional value on your existing platforms and creating a new “sticky” avenue to understanding the value of your brand in people’s lives. Propane can utilize the behavioral principles of community building to help your brand whether your goals are awareness, lead generation or retention,

Case Studies

Level Up User-Generated Gaming Content

We were tasked with creating the RuneCrafter platform, which enables individuals with no coding experience to create custom second screens for their favorite games.
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Architecting a platform for gamers to use game data to be their best requires orchestrating …

Improving Aging Communities

We helped PAMF improve the quality of life for older adults and caregivers by making their platform easier to use for all ages.
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26% fewer office visits for seniors

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