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A new vision for Member Engagement

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Create a seamless patient experience across clinical and insurance information

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Sutter Health | Aetna wanted a new vision for their joint venture patient experience. The existing experience was disjointed, hard to navigate and diluted both brands. Propane was asked to help increase utilization and awareness of the brand’s differentiated services as well as establish the brand as an elite, top-tier healthcare option.


  • Working Product Prototype
  • Video Production for internal Business Case
  • Stakeholder and patient research
  • Design innovation for new features across: Onboarding, Symptom Tracking, Finding a Doctor, Patient Resources and Tools, Making an Appointment, Personalization / Preferences, Claims / Billing
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The Challenge
Create a scalable platform that will work for multiple insurance and clinical joint ventures

Propane needed to improve usability as well as design ways to move users easily between their joint venture platform and features within each of the independent Aetna and Sutter Health Digital Properties.

In addition, the vision for the Sutter Health | Aetna needed to work, not just for its own joint venture platform but be scalable to other JVs.

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The Results
A vision for a new healthcare ecosystem

Propane was able to research patient pain points as well as conduct interviews to better understand business needs from both Sutter Health and Aetna stakeholders in order to create a phased product vision. Propane focused on the new opportunities to leverage insurance and clinical information to create a personalized, holistic, health engagement and management platform that inspires, tracks goals, keeps users on top of their health, and makes coverage and billing transparent. In addition to this, Propane helped the Sutter Health | Aetna CX team create materials that made the business case to their funding.

Vision of a future state, strategy, design, user experience, project management and agency leadership- they are the whole package. Mind you this was done during the COVID period and they did not miss a beat.

Karin Miklos, CX & Marketing Dir., Sutter Health | Aetna

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