Content strategy and content marketing. Two phrases that sound very similar, so what’s the difference? Are they truly independent disciplines?

Propane partnered with the Content Strategy of San Francisco Bay Area to host an event dedicated to exploring the meaning of both terms and areas of overlap. This prompt has caused discussion and debate among content practitioners as content marketing gains more of a spotlight in brand engagement.

Content needs to have a strategy, designed to guide the creation to ensure it relates to a higher purpose. The first step is to identify the problems you are trying to solve with your content. This helps to define the broader brand message. Otherwise, the content you are producing is simply noise in order to check boxes.

Content marketing is the daily practice that helps to radiate and build your brand through each channel. Executing on the specific goals of the strategy for each channel, the aim is to engage users early in their decision process and nurture the relationship. However, you cannot assume every user will read every message. Without knowing why the user has interacted with your brand, the conversation is one-sided.

By pairing the right content with the right experience for the user, we can develop digital interactions that delight, deepen relationships, and instill a lasting impression.

With representatives from Nurun, RebelMind, and SuiteSeven, this event was filled with great connections and insights from the content strategy community. If you’re interested in content strategy or getting involved with this meetup group, I highly recommend attending their upcoming 5-year anniversary party.