Neil Chaudhari was invited to speak at the DX Summit in Chicago last November by Propane's client, Equinix about unifying customer engagement and tactics while referencing a recent project we built for them.

Equinix is the world's largest IBX data center & colocation provider, offering the fastest application performance, lowest latency routes worldwide and a digital ecosystem for financial, content or rich-media, enterprise, and cloud networks.

DX Summit Speaking Event Overview

Digital disruption is happening across every industry and vertical. From streamlined security protocols to IoT and cloud infrastructures, if your business sells to another business, that customer is being disrupted. Clearly explaining your company’s impact on that disruption can be difficult as the definition changes from industry to industry and even within verticals. How can your company create a unified digital experience that paints a clear picture, tells a compelling story and impacts your business and your customer’s business? Learn about the planning and structure of digital programs with the example of how Equinix has used its story of disruption across the entire digital journey. Discover how best to unify brand narrative, content strategy, digital engagements and print collateral across the entire ecosystem for a more holistic view of how all the parts can work together to build the ultimate customer journey.


  • Neil Chaudhari of Propane
  • James Goldman of Equinix
  • Paul Cegielski of Equinix