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Envisioning the Future of Patient Engagement

Build Loyalty
Banner Health Patient Portal Innovation
The Ask
Develop a vision that differentiates

Build Loyalty

Banner Health wanted to envision the future of a best-in-class patient engagement experience, far beyond the current offerings in the market. Banner would like to use the portal to differentiate the brand as well as improve outcomes and increase appointments and retention.


  • Detailed Personas
  • Matrix for patient and condition states
  • Concept Design
  • Vision Deck
  • Prototype Testing
Build Loyalty
Banner Health Patient Portal Innovation
The Challenge
Show the range and depth of care in an approachable way

The single existing persona for Banner Health didn’t have sufficient depth to create a whole engagement platform that could fulfill the needs of various constituents and needs. We needed to understand the core customer across the patient life cycle. This matrix of understanding needed to incorporate how people interact with their health and health care across life stages, disease states, condition types and treatment stages.

Build Loyalty
Banner Health Patient Portal Innovation
The Results
A “sticky” ecosystem that promotes brand affinity

product page designs, 5 life-stage based personas, 3 patient scenario stories

After we conducted extensive consumer research that informed our personas and the potential problems our patient portal could solve we created 14 mobile and desktop designs for this vision which would allow Banner to improve outcomes, simplify healthcare and engage patients.

The vision has been used as the centerpiece for the internal pitch to allocate future and ongoing budget to the project.

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