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Establishing partnerships to increase consumer relevance

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The Ask
Build partnerships to make their mobile news app #1 in U.S.

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Newsbreak’s partner ecosystem experience needed revamping, and the value prop and digital experiences for content creators (contributors and journalists) publishers and advertisers needed to be radically upgraded. Newsbreak lacked the dynamic, emotionally resonant brand assets to connect with decision-makers, including investors, in the U.S. startup landscape.


  • Digital Brand Refresh
  • UX/Experience Design
  • Responsive Website
  • Messaging
  • Dynamic Contact Page
  • Transition Support/Training to In-house Team
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The Challenge
Balancing multiple audiences’ needs with a modern responsive CMS

To gain empathy for all site audiences and understand the unique selling proposition for all offerings, Propane conducted qualitative research. We defined the value propositions and developed persona-based messaging to address key mindsets and needs.

In addition, Newsbreak challenged us to envision an innovative, dynamic solution to show (not tell!) what their applications could do. We recreated the app experience using onsite animations so potential partners and investors could experience the app and see the value as prospects.

The last challenge was to create this entire experience in Webflow so they could manage future messaging edits in house.

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The Results
A best-in-class experience that executives and employees could be proud of

Propane found the perfect balance between a sophisticated, highly visual brand expression and an informative, engaging experience that showcased Newsbreak’s offerings and increased leads by X%

Propane was able to reduce time to launch by parallel-tracking much of the design phase with the development phase and using its in-house flavor of Agile dev sprints to meet the client’s needs for rapid execution.

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