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A Visually Stunning Launch for Defense AI

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Modern Intelligence
The Ask
Envisioning a brand that hits the mark

Generate Interest

Modern Intelligence develops AI that uses proprietary advances in information and complexity theory to accelerate defense operations. They needed a website to launch their brand and establish credibility for their solution within the defense industry.


  • Digital Brand Refresh
  • UX/Experience Design
  • Responsive Animated Website
  • Sales Presentations Decks
  • Explanation Diagrams
  • CMS implementation
Generate Interest
Modern Intelligence
The Challenge
Hyper-agile brand, messaging, and site design and development

With just a logo in hand, Propane had to create a visual impactful site that would be relevant to those in the defense industry. Specific images had to be curated to achieve situational accuracy and encourage an “art of the possible” mindset within its target audiences.

At the same time, due to confidentiality, we had to convey robust, complex solutions using metaphor, animation and imagery to evoke the sense of their advanced AI capabilities. We used inspiration from Westworld and other sci-fi TV shows to bring to life the “always on, always thinking” value of AI.

Generate Interest
Modern Intelligence
The Results
Impressed customers and investors

We launched the site rapidly, using our in-house modified Agile approach. We created supporting sales materials and infographics to showcase the technical value of their AI solution.

As a result, Modern Intelligence is continuing to meet aggressive sales goals, expand its deal flow, and increase business success.

I was at dinner with one of our main investors and he kept bringing up how great the site was; needless to say, it represented the brand well.

John - CEO

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