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Creating An Approachable Brand to Address the Dark Side of Online Communities

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Sentropy (now Discord)
The Ask
Simplifying a Complex AI Value Prop to Scale the Company

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Sentropy uses cutting-edge AI technology to root out harmful content by not only identifying it, but by actually understanding the context behind it. They engaged Propane to refresh their brand, simplify their value prop and tailor site communications to investors and prospective employees. Their goal was to support growth in order to make the Internet a safer, more inclusive and welcoming place.


  • Digital Brand Refresh
  • UX/Experience Design
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Messaging, Illustrations, Photography, Videos
  • Integration of Product and Cultural videos into experience
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Sentropy (now Discord)
The Challenge
Disentangle Complex Narratives, with Few Resources, and Fast!

Sentropy’s AI abuse detection set new standards for online abuse detection and support of community management teams. But they had a heavy educational burden to demonstrate that self-moderation doesn’t work, and to show how their advanced technology was different. Another challenge was to take an unpleasant topic and make it approachable.

Propane tackled their challenges head-on, with three broad communications approaches: 1. We learned and spoke the language of trust and safety team buyers, directly addressing their concerns. 2. We illustrated the spirit, camaraderie and supportive culture of Sentropy for prospective employees. 3. We broke the technology offering down to brass tacks for investors, to make it easier for them to buy in.

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Sentropy (now Discord)
The Results
Sentropy was purchased by Discord!

Propane created a brand experience that conveyed approachability, safety, and authenticity with a dynamic of heroism in the face of darkness. Propane also dove into the technical details, breaking down the use cases by verticals and providing contextually accurate portrayals of the community members that Sentropy detects and protects.

We created explainer videos to differentiate Sentropy in an increasingly congested landscape of AI solutions, and to go behind the scenes to demonstrate Sentropy’s positive, affirming culture. Our responsive site, built in Webflow, delivered the extensibility and flexibility the internal teams needed to maintain the site while rapidly scaling the company.

I was impressed by how quickly they could get up to speed on what we did, and they really took the time to understand our business from multiple angles. Because of that, the projects they produced really felt like us and it didn’t feel like we hired a third-party vendor to do it. They just really ingrained themselves with who we are as a company.

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