A New Platform for Operational Transformation

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Equinix, the powerhouse behind the data center infrastructure of the world's largest SaaS companies (Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc.), needed to digitally transform the customer experience for product documentation.


To overhaul Equinix’s documentation customer experience from a manual, labor intensive, PDF-oriented process to a scalable platform, we had to find the commonalities across Equinix’s global product teams, service offerings and customer use cases.


We streamlined a universal content creation workflow, enacted easy to follow governance processes, and architected a custom HTML-based CMS solution that allows for any product team at Equinix to develop documentation content that’s on-brand and customer-centered with less overhead.


Thanks to Propane, Equinix customers will get a faster and easier to use self-help documentation experience, and Equinix now has a powerful documentation engine designed to sense demand, generate content, and reduce overhead in the entire content life-cycle, while decreasing call-center burden.

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