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Visualize Live Body Chemistry Data

Increase Efficiency
The Ask
Visualize complex body chemistry data

Increase Efficiency

Profusa is pioneering biosensors that are integrated into tissue so that live body chemistry data can be monitored continuously. They envision a world without people pricking fingers for glucose monitoring and doctors having access to vitals on demand. This creates a lot of data, and they asked for help to create a platform for accessing and visualizing data in a usable way.


  • Visualize live, streaming body chemistry data
  • Visualize and compare data from across 5 people in real time
  • Administrative control
Increase Efficiency
The Challenge
Critical information, easily monitored

Through sensors embedded within the body, critical information becomes available on demand. This information can tell doctors how a patient is doing after discharge or help a person understand their current oxygen levels while working out. Ensuring that all of the information a sensor captures can be accessed, viewed, compared, and monitored in real-time required a user-centered approach to the user experience.

Increase Efficiency
The Results
Complex data, visualized

sensors, tissue-embedded, live-streaming

Monitoring and analysis can now happen in real-time across sensors and across people, changing how Profusa’s customers can learn about their participants.

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