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Genetic Data-Infused Injury Prevention Platform

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The Ask
Create a mobile fitness app for athletes to prevent injuries

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Kinetic turned to Propane to create a new brand identity and mobile application that coaches, personal trainers and physical therapists could use to create workout programs for athlete trainees. The application retrieves genetic information from the trainee’s DNA tests, compares against the athlete’s preferred sport, then builds the ideal workout program to prevent injury. The trainer can further customize the program for each individual and provide personal, inspirational messages. The athletes use the app on a daily basis in order to strengthen their muscles and resistance to potential injuries from their relevant sports activities.


  • Brand Identity
  • Mobile Wireframes
  • Prototype Screens
  • Technical Architecture for Platform
  • Support for Coach Administration of Programs
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The Challenge
Motivate athletes to work out daily with the mobile app

The challenge was to make this platform easy to administer by trainers, while also motivational on a daily basis for the end user athlete. Using incentives and game-like mechanics, the mobile application and platform had to look and feel progressive while motivating its users to complete the programs. Compliance was the largest key performance indicator.

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The Results
Project completed within budget and on time

As a founder, it’s critical to have a partner that can understand and realize my vision. Propane was with me every step of the way and delivered a brand and application that captured the very essence of Kinetic.

Trisha Brown

The brand redesign delivered a logo and brand style that fit the founder’s vision and allowed for creativity on mobile. Application design was light and approachable while still maintaining a results-oriented brand promise. User experience flows and designs were successfully handed off to Kinetic teams for implementation.

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