The year 2020 was a record year for ecommerce with online sales across the world bringing in $4.891 billion in revenue and the number is only projected to grow in the future.

As a business owner, one of the best ways that you can grow your business in this day and age is through your website. With a well-designed and attractive web page, you can make a strong first impression on visitors and boost conversions.
To achieve this, you can incorporate some of these web design trends that could help you increase conversions in 2021.

  1. Simplified Layout
    The layout of your web page should be as simple and easy to navigate as possible. If there is a lot of clutter with images, pop-ups, large headers or different menu bars, then visitors may not be able to find what they want easily. It could result in potential customers leaving the website. In order to avoid such a situation, it is always a good idea to have a simplified layout of the website that tells exactly where to go. Try and incorporate negative space in your design or choose a grid that displays the all the relevant information. Even with your brand identity you can ask your graphic designer to create a design a simple logo that is fitting for a website. You can feature just the icon or a minimal version of the logo in the top navigation instead of the whole logo design. With a website that has a minimalist and modern layout, you can instantly appeal to the eye of the visitor and convince them to explore further. Some of them may even end up making a purchase or signing up for a good discount offer. Ultimately, this will help you boost conversions and experience growth in revenue.
  2. Less Click Buttons
    It may be surprising to you but a lot of click buttons can cause people to turn away from the website and abandon their carts as well. Think of it this way. Most consumers prefer to just click on a ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ option and then checkout quickly. With a lot of boxes to fill or actions to complete, people will most likely close the page and look for something else. In a highly competitive market, you do not want to drive potential customers away. So try removing any options which ask visitors to make an account for shopping or check several boxes before making a payment. According to a study, around 34 percent of potential customers abandon their carts because they have to make an account to checkout. This means that you can lose out on making sales and increasing your conversion rate with such options. As a business owner, one of the top web design trends that you can adopt to boost conversions is less clicks. By decreasing those and making your checkout process quick, you can reduce cart abandonment and keep visitors on the website as well.
  3. Highlight Call-to-Action Clearly
    The CTAs or Call-to-Action buttons on your website are critical to lead conversion. If they are not clearly visibly or position in the right place, people may get confused about the next step to take. So to help consumers navigate and look for more information, you should highlight the call-to-action. You can use words which create an urgency such as ‘avail the offer now’ or ‘start today’ to encourage them to respond. Other than that, the right contrast of colors such as red, green or blue against a white or black background also works very well. It can highlight the CTAs and make them prominent. Take a look at the website for Peloton. The call-to-action buttons are featured in red and immediately catch the attention of the viewer on the page.
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4. Creative Cursor Shapes or Animations
You might have come across websites where the cursor changes shapes or becomes animated. In 2021, this is on its way to becoming quite a big trend and can be useful for boosting conversions. You can incorporate a feature that leads to the cursor changing into an image that is relevant to your brand or into an animation.
This can help you engage more people and convince them to spend a few minutes on the page. If they like what you have to offer, they could make a purchase before leaving as well.

5. 3D Scrolling Effects
With websites coming up with unique features to interact with people, dynamic or 3D scrolling effect is a trend that looks to take over the digital world quite soon. This is basically a feature that animates images or videos as you scroll through the web page.

The website for Urban Style Drive which is a brand for unique bikes has incorporated 3D scrolling effects to make their page attractive and appealing to the customers. It can certainly help boost conversions and generate traffic as well.

6. Mobile-Friendly And Interactive Design
In this day and age, it is very important for your website to be mobile-friendly and responsive. According to a report, 79 percent of people with a smartphone have made a purchase using it during the last six months.
You could lose out on a lot of potential customers if your web design doesn’t adapt to mobile or smaller screens.

7. Color Co-ordination
This is quite a rising trend in web design and adds to the appeal of the website. You can choose a coordinating color scheme which is relevant to your brand and doesn’t clash with the images, typography or call-to-action buttons on the page.
Some of the most prominent color trends include pastel and muted color schemes that are easy on the eye, and allows visitors to concentrate on what you have to offer on your website.

To Sum Up
These are some of the web design trends that could help you boost conversions and stand out with your website. By adopting them, you might be able to reach out to a wider consumer base and expand your business as well.

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