As a digital agency based in San Francisco for the past 15 years, we learned that information is the most crucial factor around this new era. Due to this fact, Propane in collaboration with The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SOPE), organized its first event.

Propane is a digital experience and platform agency based in San Francisco. We’ve been working consistently with the health care industry for several years helping them, among other industries, to assimilate their business into digital transformation initiatives.

We enable companies to enrich their efficiency in sales, user experience, brand relevance, community retention, and customer engagement based on platform thinking and a digital transformation process.

SOPE is a global biomedical and healthcare innovation network.  Their vision is to create a global community that accelerates medical innovation to patients around the world.  The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter members strive to inform, innovate and inspire!

The Event

Great things happen when you get people from different backgrounds and disciplines in a room together sharing stories and ideas. On November 8th, at our Prescribing Digital Transformation Panel, we welcomed practicing physicians and digital experts to talk about the intersection of digital and healthcare, envisioning an integrated future and ideating about what it takes for us to get there.

“It’s good to unpack healthcare complexity and turn that into digital experience moments we can influence today” - Neil Chaudhari

From AI in the emergency triage room to aligning Electronic Health Records around the humans they serve, we covered pain points and opportunities from beginning to end in the continuum of the patient journey. And at the end of the day we saw three principles emerge from the conversation to guide digital transformation in healthcare:

  1. Always put the patient at the center of decisions and design for them.
  2. Following trends in technology doesn’t guarantee providing a better patient experience. From mobile apps to AI, it’s about talking to real people and solving real (important) pain points.
  3. Finally, digital transformation is messy, and involves all kinds of stakeholders from entirely different areas of organizations. Each brings their own context, language and vision. Innovation thrives in unexpected collisions, so  capitalize on the process and focus on bridging perspectives and truly communicating.

Our First Experience

We had a successful first event, the panel was held at Propane Headquarters in the SOMA district in San Francisco. After networking, the event started with two presentations from local health care start-ups, Kevin A. Shaw Ph.D. of Algorithmic Intuition an Elder Care Monitoring device and Ryan Luginbuhl, M.D. from GovRock, a city-designed community resilience platform to mobilize a population for both day-to-day and emergency events.

We then moved into the Panel conversation with Alec Ditonto, UX Director at Propane (moderator), Uli K. Chettipally, MD., MPH. at CREST Network, Nasser Mohamed, MD. at Circle Medical and Neil Chaudhari, CXO at Propane.

"Healthcare, like all industries, is transforming thanks to digital" — Alec DiTonto

The event received lots of positive feedback. We also had an engaging audience who came with relevant and inquisitive questions. Propane and SOPE would like to say thank you for everyone who joined the event and helped make it happen.

Join us in our next event and take away ideas to inspire, and help make healthcare the best it can be.

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