Technology is everywhere, especially in the Bay Area. As a result, it is shaping advertising in ways that are creating new expectations not just for brands, but also for consumers. We are already starting to feel the effects of having more screens ingrained into our daily lives—more ads.

Brands seek insight and intelligence to develop and deliver the right message at the right time. On the other hand, consumers expect great entertainment and value, but are becoming more and more cautious as to what information they are providing. They are increasingly seeking a return on their engagement.

Last week, I participated in a fascinating panel to discuss the intersection of interaction and intelligence from both the consumer and brand perspective. With representatives from AppLift, Curse, Kiip, and Spongecell, there were compelling insights on how these tensions are shaping new ways to think about an effective value exchange between brand and user through technology.

The number of opportunities to target consumers is rapidly increasing with the rise of digital. As moments become inventory, ensuring interactions between brand and consumer are not frivolous and delivered in the right situation is pivotal for success. Creating tailored experiences based on understanding of your customer, ease of use, and highly contextualized moments are necessary factors to ensure ads are not ignored.

On the other side of “push” marketing, technology is allowing brands to create delightful experiences that actually pull users towards them. A dynamic, interactive experience that imparts value for the user is more potent than fleeting static impressions. Technology was once an unknown frontier, but as it evolves, brands will need to continually learn more about their audience and forge greater paths to achieve meaningful connections.

In partnership with Ad 2 San Francisco, Thursday’s event was filled with fantastic conversation, great company, and fun bites. I am looking forward to the next one.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Lum