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Bringing AI Guided Ultrasound to Market

Create Distinction
Caption Health
The Ask
Announce the future of healthcare with AI powered ultrasound

Create Distinction

Caption Health’s mission is to transform health care with artificial intelligence. Through their proprietary processes and algorithms they are taking on big challenges, like: “how can we cut the amount of training required to perform an ultrasound to go from 5 years to 5 days.” Their first AI driven solution does just that. They came to Propane for help getting the story out to build awareness.


  • Brand positioning through content strategy
  • Marketing technical concepts, accessibly
  • Storytelling through minimal UI & photos
Create Distinction
Caption Health
The Challenge
More than AI for ultrasound. AI for all healthcare.

Caption Health was flying under the radar as they developed their AI powered ultrasound solution that guides users to the right position, angle and depth the way a GPS helps drivers get somewhere new. While truly a revolutionary solution, Caption Health has bigger plans. They don’t want to just transform ultrasound, they want to transform all of healthcare. Propane had to develop a strategy, information architecture and website experience that showcased the specifics of the ultrasound solution, while showcasing the bigger and longer term vision for healthcare and investor audiences alike.

Create Distinction
Caption Health
The Results
Bring the story to life with future flexibility

Weeks to FDA Ready

The website was able to meet and exceed stakeholder requirements which included working with a legacy Lektor CMS and stand up the website within weeks to meet an aggressive deadline. During this process the brand also changed names from bay labs to caption health, and be able to take pre-orders online. As is the case with startups, things change fast so we created a forced top nav that allows the client the flexibility to change the story on each section as the company evolves its value propositions in the market space.

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