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Best In Class MD
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Create Distinction

BICMD came to Propane with a platform and a roster of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world. Their vision is to connect every patient to the best in class doctors to ensure they can make the best care choices.

What they needed was a way to take this vision to market. Through discovery, strategy, user experience, creative design, and development, Propane crafted everything needed for a successful launch and managed its execution including:

  1. Brand Identity & Logo
  2. Brand Positioning + Messaging
  3. Website - UX, Creative, Development, & SEO
  4. Social Ad Campaigns (PPC)
  5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  6. Measurement & Learning (ROAS)

By the end of the project BICMD launched and reached its target markets, earning revenue through website & platform ecommerce conversions, which were able to be attributed back to its advertising efforts.


  • Greater than 60% Increase in Qualified Leads
  • 300%+ increase in traffic through SEO
  • Market Research (Focus Groups)
  • Brand Identity, Logo & Messaging
  • Lead-gen Marketing Website
  • Measurement & Attribution -- Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Create Distinction
Best In Class MD
The Challenge
Understanding the customer. Designing for conversion.

To ensure BICMD’s success entering the market, Propane started with the human and user centered design processes.

Through a series of focus groups, Propane’s strategy team unearthed the insights needed to position BICMD as elite, not luxury. Propane uncovered customers would pay for immediate access to top tier doctors that they would usually have to wait months or years to see. This brand positioning insight focused the brand and product messaging around the elite doctors, the best advice, avoiding wrong decisions, and ultimately getting customers back to their best selves, fast. Propane distilled these insights into the brand identity & logo, messaging, experience strategy and campaign strategy.

This work set the stage for Propane’s user experience team to uncover where users would be coming from, and how best to design the website to help these users immediately trust the brand, recognize the value and easily convert.

Propane’s creative team applied the right level of sophistication to the website design to reinforce the elite qualities while avoiding perceptions of excess expense, ensuring it’s viewed as the smart way to get the best advice, not the most expensive way.

Propane’s development team crafted the website experience to be responsive across devices with CMS functionality to address content updates, keyword management, and other SEO functionality to ensure users find, use, and convert on BICMD.com.

Propane also integrated ad tracking, google analytics and the website experience to be able to track return on ad spend, qualified leads and conversions from single centralized tools.

Create Distinction
Best In Class MD
The Results
Positioned. Launched. Measured.

60%+ increase in qualified leads

When comparing pre-launch to post-launch: Website traffic increased by over 300% with significantly decreased bounce rates, qualified leads increased over 60%.

Through launch Propane aligned the updated brand identity with messaging across website and advertising campaigns and ensured that the entire development infrastructure was in place for measuring the return on ad spend including connecting advertising to website journey to product journey and ecommerce payments. This allows for the ability to judge which segments and ad campaigns result in the highest revenue to be able to optimize ad spend, thus turning BICMD.com into the business hub for BICMD.

They leveraged their industry expertise to deliver high-quality work.

Greg Mahony - VP of Strategy & Operations, BICMD

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