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Shaping a better way to buy a car

Generate Interest
The Ask
Clarify Value Props To Increase Leads

Generate Interest

Cartelligent, a broker-based car buying service, wanted a concretized brand strategy, personas and a new website. Propane was able to garner business insight and clarify business value for a newly defined set of customers. The aim of the site is lead generation, prompting users to schedule calls with account consultants who will then finalize the sales process.


  • Defined Personas
  • Brand Positioning
  • Differentiating Brand Pillars
  • Collaborative Workshops
  • Responsive Design
  • Brand Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Modular Design
Generate Interest
The Challenge
Introduce an Unfamiliar Model

Cartelligent’s service was very popular with its clients, boasting a 98.9% satisfaction rate and high lifetime retention, but the existing website left new audiences a bit confused as to what they were buying. There were a preponderance of questions that caused unnecessary customer confusion within their first consultant call (if they even got that far).

There was also confusion concerning the service fee and when payment was due, making for an awkward transition in sales calls.

Generate Interest
The Results
Establish Clear Value And Set Proper Expectations

Cartelligent is the smartest way to buy a new car, hand down. Now their website tells that story clearly, and provides fast simple ways to get started now.

Alec Ditonto, Director of UX

The new site reflects the new brand positioning, differentiates Cartelligent from dealers, other car buying apps and competing digital platforms. It also highlights the real value of the service, the live dedicated human who researches your car purchase with dealers all over the state. The new site provides clarity for the intended audience, effectively sets expectations for the first sales call, while articulating value props and overcoming price objections for all four persona types.

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