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Elevating Aviation Week's Marketplace

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Aviation Week
The Ask
Transforming Aviation Marketplace: A Strategic Redesign

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In a strategic collaboration, Informa Aviation Week partnered with Propane to undertake a comprehensive redesign of their marketplace, a vast directory of aviation aftermarket suppliers, service providers and products. Aviation Week's primary objectives were to optimize lead generation, streamlining the registration process for users and suppliers and providing a better user experience. Propane's redesign efforts were focused on achieving these objectives. The team meticulously crafted user journeys, ensuring a seamless and enticing experience for visitors. Special attention was given to refining the navigation and homepage to facilitate easy access to essential information, as well as to improving the registration flow to increase sign ups and lead conversions. Additionally, the user interface (UI) received a contemporary makeover, revitalizing the platform with a modern and appealing design.


  • Content strategy
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Customized user journeys
  • Responsive design
  • Visual and digital brand refresh
  • Development of HTML
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Aviation Week
The Challenge
Streamlining Aviation Week Marketplace: Enhancing User Navigation

The existing navigation structure of the Aviation Week Marketplace was convoluted and failed to meet the diverse needs of users. Its organization lacked user focus, making it challenging for buyers to find products or services and for suppliers to discover how the marketplace could benefit their business to incentivize them to sign up. The homepage's visual design was equally unclear, lacking well-defined user pathways.

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Aviation Week
The Results
Aviation Week Marketplace's Success: Propane's UX Enhancement

Propane's redesign of the Aviation Week Marketplace's homepage marked a transformative shift towards a modern and visually appealing interface. Notably, Propane revitalized the UX by prominently featuring popular categories in a visually engaging manner, facilitating easy access to sought-after information. Additionally, the redesign introduced new advertising opportunities, showcasing company logos and key sales contacts on the homepage. These enhancements not only modernized the platform but also opened up new revenue streams for Aviation Week, reinforcing the marketplace's role as an industry leader in aerospace and aviation aftermarket services.

Propane went beyond aesthetics for the redesign of the Aviation Week Marketplace , fundamentally transforming the user registration process to enhance accessibility and user engagement. By centralizing the sign-up process for both buyers and suppliers, Propane streamlined the journey, eliminating the need for redundant or non-essential fields, thereby reducing barriers to entry.

The revitalized UI played a pivotal role in making the sign-up process more approachable, adopting a clean and minimalist design aesthetic with ample white space, inviting users to easily engage with the platform and facilitating a seamless registration experience. This overhaul not only improved the registration process but also reflected Propane's commitment to enhancing the overall user experience within the Aviation Week Marketplace.

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